The School Council comprises of one representative from each year group. Elections are held at the start of each school year, and all the children vote for the new School Councillors. The School Council has many roles including raising funds for charities. Charities the School Council have chosen to support recently have included Helen's Trust and Unicef.


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School Council

2017/18 School Council


2017/2018 School Councillors


Hello I’m Katie. I like Winster School. Everyone needs to be kind. We all need to be friends and play with each other. Thank you for listening.

Katie (Reception)


Hello everyone, I’m Taya! I will get you everything you want in school and just ask me and Tia and then we will talk to Mrs Gotheridge for you!

Taya (Year 1)

Hello, I’m Tia and would do anything you ask for. I will help people. I like the buddy bench idea for playtimes. Thank you for listening.

Tia (Year 1)


I’m Noah and I will make the school a better place to be. I will be kind and helpful to everyone. I will make these changes to the school;

*I will make sure everyone has fun at break time.

*Next, we will get more balls and skipping ropes.

*I will care for everyone.

Thank you for listening.

Noah (Year 2)


I think I would be a good school councillor because I am happy and helpful, I am kind and thoughtful and I am a good listener. I want to be a school councillor because it looks fun. The one thing I would do as a school councillor is get more felt-tips and more school trips. And I would like to help the school. Thank you for listening.

Daisy (Year 2)


I like to help around school. Going to the meetings and thinking of ideas, I would like to encourage people to use the buddy bench and make sure there is always a buddy around at playtime. I’ll try to make school more fun by when we all try our best we get a school prize at the end of the year. I also have good ideas in my brain.

Ellie (Year 3)


If you vote for me I will help you get more play equipment for outside. Thank you for listening to me.

Charlie (Year 4)


I want to be a school councillor because I’d like to make school a better place to be. I like how we had buddies and I think it made everyone happier to come to school. I also like how we have a suggestion box. If we worked together I think we could help the school in a number of ways. We could get more books. It will encourage us even more with our reading. We will try and stop all bullying and make it so that everyone is happy in school. Last but not least we will get some more equipment. Please vote for me. I look forward to helping you all. Thank you for listening.

Bethany (Year 5)


I would like to be part of the school council because I want to help the school be more fun. There will be more anti-bullying stuff because no one should feel so bad. I will ask for new football nets for the sporty people and new books for the readers. If I am elected for the school council there will exiting and fun days for charity. I promise I will try for more fun breaks like getting new skipping ropes and hoops. I will try to make anything you want to happen. Please vote for me. Thank you for listening.

Cerys (Year 6)

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