Science Day

On the 4th of May, we went to Derby University to do some fun science. The university invited Year 2 and 3 girls to find out about science to inspire them to become scientists one day. When we got there we had a look around the university buildings, including the amazing library which had different coloured zones where we had to be silent.

First , we experimented with circuits using an energy stick. We completed a circuit by joining all our hands together and made the stick light up.

Next, we learned about germs and made our own recording about what we had learned.

Some germs look really cute but are very dangerous.

We also found out how much sugar is in some of our food. It was a big surprise to find out that Lucozade has 62g of sugar!

Some actual scientists talked to us about what they do and how they became scientists.

By Maeva, Elise, Ellie and Keeley