Friday 29th November 2019

Friday 22nd November 2019

Friday 15th November 2019



03/12/2019 - Key Stage 2 'WOW' Homework

03/12/2019 - Evacuess take over Winster

03/12/2019 - Eden Camp

18/11/2019 - Forest Schools Shelters

05/11/2019 -Infants visit Ashover Pumpkin Farm

16/10/2019 - Thinking about others at Harvest

11/10/2019 - Harvest Family Breakfast

11/10/2019 - KS1 RE

23/09/2019 - Open Book

23/09/2019 - KS1 visit Jamia Mosque

12/09/2019 - The wonder of God's Creation

12/09/2019 - Farewell Year 6

10/07/2019 - Grandparents Flower Arranging

13/06/2019 - School Vision Competition

13/06/2019 - New Reflection Area

03/06/2019 - Make May Purple for Stroke Association

03/06/2019 - Bunting Cup

03/06/2019 - KS2 Poetry Recital

14/05/2019 - MAST: Michael and Mr Grumpy

14/05/2019 - Open the Book Solomon 

29/04/2019 - Key Stage 2 Anglo-Saxon Homework Project

29/04/2019 - Easter Gardens

08/04/2019 - Easter Fun!

08/04/2019 - Open Book

19/03/2019 - Comic Relief Fun

19/03/2019 - New Books at Winster

11/03/2019 - World Book Day

11/02/2019 - Number Day

11/02/2019 - Key Stage 2 Dance

28/01/2019 - Around the World Breakfast 

07/01/2019 - Christmas Party Fun 

07/01/2019 - Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children 

18/12/2018 - Lights Camel Action

18/12/2018 - KS2 History Project Homework

16/11/2018 - Poetry and Poppies 'West End Workshop'

26/10/2018 - Remembering Remembrance

Remembering Remembrance As part of our events for Remembrance Day 2018, Howard (from the Royal British Legion) came in to talk to the whole school to tell us a little of his experience, but mainly to enlighten us about how the money we contribute by buying poppies, is spent. We asked lots of questions and Howard encouraged us to STOP and say THANKYOU on November 11th. We dressed in red for the day and contributed more money to this worthwhile cause. Key Stage 2 wrote thoughtful and moving letters to thank Howard for his visit. We were very pleased to receive the following response from Howard, which shows the power of saying ‘Thank you’.

Just to let you know that the messages have arrived and I have read through them all . Receiving messages like that makes all the work we do worth while. I am so deeply touched that the children not only enjoyed the talk but wrote such meaningful replies. I will of course reply to all the questions, but would you please pass on my gratitude to them all. It would be an honour to come again and to talk to the children, with your permission of course. Regards Howard

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26.10.2018 - Toilet Twinning Project

Please continue to bring in your spare pennies/ change! We have collected over £10 in just 2 days, so we really appreciate you searching down sofas, etc for as much change as you can find for this valuable project organised by the school council.

26/10/2018 - KS2 Tag Rugby at Highfields

22/05/2018 -  Privacy Notice

15th November 2017 - School Fund Account (September 2016 - August 2017)

20th July 2017 - Winster and Monyash Federation Consultation Outcome